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The handcarved "Norm Express" a birthday gift, stays out in view below the TV screen all year.

Father Christmas did leave a considerable amount of train collectibles in 2005, too:
2005 Hallmark Lionel Series #10 - Pennsylvania RR B6 locomotive, tender, boxcar and caboose.
Lionel Series #6
(tender added in 2005; set and series now complete.)

Sky Line Collection (set of four, two new in 2005; set now complete.)

Below: Yuletide Central (set of five, four new in 2005; set  now complete.)

Above: Everything needed to build a wood locomotive.

Left: A city scene with a trolley and taxicab that pass through the tunnels, while shoppers move around on the sidewalks. The town's Christmas tree and store lights glow when this Hallmark "ornament" is plugged into a Christmas light socket. Pressing the silver bells button on the base will start the verse ("City Sidewalks") and pressing it a second time will play the chorus of "Silver Bells." The item measures about 4 x 5 inches.

A lighted O-scale general store for Genesee Junction.   Musical revolving train.

Christmas 2006

 -- Another toy train town
 for the commuters
UNION PACIFIC Veranda turbine locomotive, tender and stock car (11th in the Hallmark series)

Christmas 2007

Right: A large (3x4 foot) fleece “throw” pictures a red steam locomotive on tracks.

Tree Train (below): Press the right buttons, and a little Christmas train spirals up and into the Christmas tree to the music of a number of Christmas carols and songs, while the village below lights up.

  Below: Two ceramic, hinged trinket boxes in the shape of diesel locomotives found their way into Norm’s Christmas stocking in 2007.

Above: 12th in the Hallmark Lionel train ornament series, this locomotive, sleeper and observation car replicate the post World War II Freedom train – not to be confused with The American Freedom Train of 1976. The actual Freedom Train made a nation-wide tour of the U.S. over about 16 months beginning in 1947. It was the only trainset ever to operate in every state, and it did so using 52 different railroads. It was visited by more than three million people.
It carried to the public some of America's most precious documents and other unique treasures, including the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, one of the 13 original copies of the Constitution, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address, the Iwo Jima flag, the German and Japanese surrender documents that ended World War II, and much more.


Left and below: Jingle Bells and Joy to the World are two “Matchboxes” with possibly the smallest train made. The portion with the train measures about 1.75 inches square.

When the box is slid to the left, there is a wind-up key. When wound, and the box is slid back to the right, the music plays, and the tiny train, consisting of a loco and two coaches, chugs around a central Christmas tree.


Christmas 2008

This art deco-inspired design became known as the NYC "Lightning Stripe" design, and locomotive #2333 F3 was named the "Sharknose." The Hallmark set features miniatures of (left to right) the Lionel® locomotive, passenger car, and observation car. This is the 13th in this series.

Christmas 2009

The 14th in the same series: A big sized bright red 2-8-2 Mikado engine. Its two small rear wheels, eight drivers, and two small front wheels give it extra space for a large firebox and lots of power.
In front: Introduced in 1935, streamlined and elegant, the Lionel Red Comet locomotive and cars were designed at the height of the Art Deco era. This miniature set includes the sleek 2-4-2 Red Comet locomotive, tender, and matching 603 Pullman car.

80th birthday in July 2010
A Hallmark ornament of the Polar Express engine with bell and Round-trip ticket:
Round-Trip Ticket
The Polar Express
On a snowy Christmas Eve, a young boy lies awake in his room. He is waiting quietly, listening for a sound he's afraid that he might never hear - the ringing bells of Santa's sleigh. Suddenly, at five minutes till midnight, he's startled by a thunderous roar. He clears the mist from his window and sees a most amazing sight. A gleaming black train is rumbling to a stop right in front of his house! He rushes outside, where he is met by a conductor, who seems to be waiting just for him...

Christmas 2010

Hallmark Lionel Series #15: Introduced in the early 1930s, streamlined trains revolutionized American railroading, and Lionel tapped into the excitement by quickly releasing scale models. This Keepsake Ornament replicates the No. 751W "O" Gauge Lionel Union Pacific Streamliner set, based on Union Pacific's M-10001 City of Portland train. The set's locomotive, No. 725W here in front of car No. 753, a long passenger coach and car No. 754, which served as a buffet car and passenger coach. The cars appear to emerge seamlessly from the locomotive, thanks to the articulated coupling. These miniature cars have magnets to get them "hooked" together.

No other Lionel train was more recognizable than the Scout. From the late '40s to the early '50s, the sturdy and affordable Scout set brought the fulfillment of Christmas hopes and dreams to living rooms everywhere. This set includes the Scout 1110 locomotive, tender, and 1002 Gondola car.

This is another Hallmark "ornament" - although it is rather too big and heavy to actually hang on a tree. It is about 6 inches high. When the button is pressed, the little train starts chugging into the tunnel and around the mountain with appropriate sounds. The skaters circle the large tree in the center and lights go on in the buildings. All this to the music of "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays." Behind it there are two pewter locomotive ornaments, one engraved with NORM and the other with the date of 2010. These also arrived either in my Christmas stocking or under the tree this year!

All photographs on this page by Florence Wright.
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