an O-gauge (semi-scale) ‘Phoenix’
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A native American Indian chief stands guard over his fair maiden, basking in the early morning sun at their teepee, tucked onto a ledge behind the haunted house at the edge of the rocky “Great Gorge.”

An “old salt” (no known relationship to the Old Salt Mining Co.) sits on the ledge of a tunnel portal, watching the departure of the antique observation car on the “elevated line” returning visitors from the TTCo. Trolley Museum to their home-bound destinations.

Below: This giant whooping crane has made his home at the very bottom of the “Great Gorge” for many years, but this is the first time he did not fly away before a camera could “catch” him.

This hard-working little miner really has his hands full trying to fill up that waiting hopper car sitting atop the coal trestle on the NORMANED RAILROAD.

There must be a big event coming up in the tiny resort village of Panthorne on THE NORMANED RAILROAD layout -- the parking lot is filling up with automobiles and a tourist excursion passenger coach has transported folks to the Arlington Hotel. The serene “Chapel on the Hill” is visible in the background (look just left of the top row of hotel windows). Perhaps a wedding and gala reception is on the agenda.

In years past, nearly every railroad hotel, station, or stopping place had a popular "eatery" nearby. This little trackside diner is tucked into the layout behind the mountain at the village of Panthorne, across the tracks from the newsstand and "whistle stop" station at "Wright's Bend." The accompanying view (with the roof removed) reveals some interior details, including coffee urns and bacon sizzling on the grill behind the cook (in white clothing), a counter and stools, booths with tables, and -- most important, perhaps -- a cash register).

The community of Central City on the NORMANED RR layout was “transplanted” in 1971 from its former location in Connecticut, and has grown somewhat in size and interest. Visible in this current photograph are part of “Tunnel Mountain” at upper left, and a portion of the track and superstructure of the Giant Trestle in the top right-hand corner. The Post Office and General Store can be recognized when compared with their setting of 30 years ago by going to “Looking Back.”

A "Cigar Store Indian" welcomes patrons to Central City’s very popular Silver Dollar Saloon (enlarged above to show detail), located in the view below between the Real Estate & Insurance Office and the Newspaper Office & Print Shop, where a newsboy is selling today’s latest edition. [The coin on the saloon sign is a genuine 1803 U.S. silver dollar].

As evening starts to darken the western sky, the gentleman hobo on the NORMANED's junky maintenance of way/transfer caboose lifts his hat in a wave while the train starts a late night run. Is he waving goodbye, or expressing his thanks for another upcoming night on the road?

“Good-night” . . .
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