an O-gauge (semi-scale) ‘Phoenix’
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 'The Railroad'

THE NORMANED RAILROAD follows no specific prototype but rather is a composite of railway scenes, settings and operations observed on many commercial, tourist and model railroads in the eastern part of the country.
      Due to its birth in Connecticut and subsequent growth in Upstate New York, it may be possible that a visitor could detect a somewhat biased reflection of those real railroads which were to become the now-defunct Penn-Central; i.e., the Pennsylvania RR, the New York Central, and the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

[2] As the mining crew (topside) keeps the coal bins full, the “ground crew” services NORMANED RR's 4-6-2 Pacific #1246 (a modified Marx die cast locomotive). A muscular rail workman stacks ties at the lower right of photo, as an Interstate Truck Lines 18-wheeler speeds by on the highway in the foreground.

      However, since the NORMANED represents a “what if” connecting line between Monroe County (N.Y.) and the rest of the continent, you are apt to see locomotives and rolling stock of many railroads other than those most familiar to Easterners; in fact, trains from the north side of Lake Ontario occasionally appear carrying freight to or from Canada using joint trackage rights shared with the NORMANED. (The management of the NORMANED RR maintains membership in the National Model Railroad Assn. and its Niagara Frontier Region, which includes Central and Western New York State, Northern Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada).

A Canadian National Railway empty refrigerator car waits on a NORMANED RR interchange track to be picked up and taken home by a returning freight.

All is serene at the NORMANED RR's pay car parked in a valley by the mountains as dawn breaks into the early fog on a Friday morning; by day's end rail workers and crews will be flocking here to gather their week's wages.

Two Lionel cars which are now obsolete, but for different reasons -- the abandonment of wood “Bobbers” (and nowadays nearly all caboose cars), and the cessation by law of tobacco advertising. They await the possibility of a future request for display as historical artifacts in some railroad museum. Meanwhile, they gather dust.

      Since the NORMANED does attempt to reflect a microcosm of American railroading from the turn of the 20th Century to the present, all types of equipment share its tracks - old and new, early and modern, steam and diesel. Buildings, structures, lineside equipment and highway vehicles reflect the same time span.-

An Amish couple from the "Pennsylvania Dutch country" have found a comfortable resting place for themselves and their horse and buggy, near the large Rico Station, as they await the arrival of a train on the NORMANED RAILROAD.

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