an O-gauge (semi-scale) ‘Phoenix’
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 Some 'Vital Statistics'

AT its present stage of development, the NORMANED RAILROAD contains (at least) - 

  • 5 miles of electrical wire
  • 300 miniature light bulbs
  • hundreds of scale figures (people and animals)*

Passengers and railroad personnel at the Christopher passenger terminal await the call to begin loading and boarding the New York Central's special excursion train on the NORMANED RR.

  • 358 actual feet of O-gauge track; this translates into
  • 17,184 scale feet, or slightly more than 3¼ scale miles
  • 1,240 individual wood crossties (hand cut, stained & glued in place)
  • 4¼ gallons of white glue
  • 2 quarts of rubber cement
  • 18 10-oz. tubes of plastic cement
  • 700 #2 wood screws (holding down track)
  • 6 gallons various color paint
  • 12 pounds of solder
  • 144 pounds track ballast and other scenic ground cover material
  • Power supply: 14 AC transformers and DC power packs
  • 62 operating locomotives
  • 325 freight cars (including maintenance-of-way equipment)
  • 57 passenger cars

  • 48 caboose cars (plus 14 work cabooses)
  • 12 bridges
  • 10 tunnels
  • Dozens of buildings and structures

      Plus an uncounted amount of new and used lumber, plywood, Masonite, Homosote board, electrical tape, masking tape, window screening, plaster, paper-mâché, paper and cardboard, sawdust, sheet metal, trees and shrubs, rocks and stones, dust and dirt; sweat, blood & tears, and just plain old junk.

There are no “self-service” gas stations in NORMANED RR territory. This full-service garage is located on the highway between Genesee Junction, Noma Town and Central City.

*Note: Often, in creating the NORMANED census over the years, we have used any figure(s) which we considered to be “close enough” to complete a scene the way we wanted it to look, even mixing scales from HO to 1:32 and Standard Gauge size when “forced perspective” made it all come out “O.K.” These figures are old, new, metal, rubber, paper, plastic, wood, plaster, carved bone, ivory, china (ceramic), big, small, hand-painted, factory-painted, unpainted, commercial, homemade, stock, modified, restored, customized, etc., etc., etc. They've been obtained from toy stores, hobby stores, pet shops, craft shops, party favors, train meets, Christmas decorations, relatives, friends and some folks not so friendly. In a word, then, the NORMANED's population is as diverse as the model railroad and, all things considered, the hobby itself.

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