Norwegian Railways in Philately

   NIGER: Locomotives of the World 02.12.1999  

Click to enlargeAnother stamp depicting a diesel engine of the class Di.3. The stamp design is very similar to stamps from Malagasy and Burkina Faso. All three stamps show No. 3.641, a class Di.3b engine. See these issues for more information. This stamp is part of a sheet containing four stamps showing trains from different countries.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1045a / SG / Mi 1753 / YT

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Souvenir sheet with steam locomotive No. 17 "Caroline" in right border. It was a class 2a, 1B-2 (2-4-0) built to serve on the Kongsvinger railway (LillestrÝm-Kongsvinger). It was one of three built by Stephenson in 1861. These locomotives were of "long-boiler" type, with a four-wheel tender, 35.3 tons and 11.01 m l.o.b. In 1920 it was sold to Klevfoss papermill, where it was in service until 1953. In 1954 it was restored for the Norwegian railway centenary celebration, and given the name "Caroline". Today she can be seen at the Railway Museum in Hamar.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1043 / SG / Mi 1745-48 / YT

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