Norwegian Railways in Philately

   MALAGASY: Paositra 1990 23.03.1993  

Click to enlargeA diesel engine, class Di.3, hauling a goods train. These locos, originally an American type from General Motors, are still very common in Norway as well as in several other European countries and are often called Nohab, after the Swedish firm "Nydquist och Holm AB" who delivered 35 of these to NSB during the years 1954-1969. These multi purpose diesel-electric locos exist in two versions, Di.3a and Di.3b, with different wheel arrangements. The stamp shows one of the three Di.3b, numbered 3.641-3.643. These have the axle arrangement (A1A)'(A1A)' and a door at both ends. They were first built for the Finnish state railways, which later cancelled the order, and thereafter were purchased by NSB in 1960. The original colour was olive-green with white stripes. The engine develops 1775 hp and its working weight is 103 tons, length 18.9 m l.o.b., and it has a max. speed of 143 km/h. The Di.3a was a Co'Co' with lower max. speed. This stamp is one of eight stamps in a block showing engines from different countries.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1102c / SG 986 / Mi 1452 / YT 1108

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