Norwegian Railways in Philately

   GUINEA: Locomotives of the World 30.10.1998  

Click to enlargeOn this stamp the most common electrical multiple unit (EMU) set nowadays running in Norway is depicted, namely the class 69. In the front we can see No. 69.625, a driving trailer of the subclass BS 69B. The first sets of the class 69 were built in the years 1970-71 by NEBB (now ABB) in Norway, and the EMU depicted here 4 years later. In total 85 sets were built in 4 different versions and they were mainly used on commuter traffic. The maximum speed was 130 km/h. The 69B was however a variant with only one entry and intended for service on longer distances. When launched, they were of a very modern construction with lightweight metal body and equipped with thyristor control, disk and magnetic track brakes. All the same, the class 69 was not without problems that caused poor reliability in operation. Although this is an electrical multiple unit, there are neither current collectors nor overhead contact wire to be seen on the stamp! This stamp is part of a sheet containing eight stamps showing trains from different countries.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1482f / SG / Mi 2168 / YT

Click to enlargeDue to the increasing electrification after the last war a new type of electric locomotives were needed in Norway. These engines became class El.11 and were delivered between 1951 and 1964 in a number of 41 by NEBB and Thune. These Bo'Bo' locomotives, inspired by the Swiss Ae 4/4 and Re 4/4, were commonly used on both passengers as well as goods trains. With a maximum axle load of 15 tons and maximum speed of 105 km/h they became well fitted and popular workhorses and stayed in service for more than 40 years. One of these, No. 2110, in front of a WLAB sleeper is depicted on this stamp. This engine, built in 1956, is one of three that was later modified to serve on the famous Flåm railway. Because of the steep gradient here (1:18) the brake system was improved and due to many curved tunnels extra headlights were added. Most El.11-locos are now out of service, but 3 of them are preserved, 2 at the Norwegian Railway Museum. This stamp is part of another sheet containing eight stamps showing trains from different countries.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1483f / SG / Mi 2176 / YT

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