Norwegian Railways in Philately

   BENIN: Antique Locomotives 30.06.1998  

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge This C tank (0-6-0T) shunting engine is one of 6 steam locomotives of the class 25b built by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia in USA for the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). The engine on the stamp is No. 336 as it appeared in 1917 when delivered from the factory. The following year it was taken over by the Rjukan railway where it was running until 1954. After that it was in service at Eidanger Saltpetre Factory for a further 15 years before it was scrapped in 1969. With a length of 8,7 m l.o.b and a working weight of 33,5 tons, the max. speed was 40 km/h. Class 25 locomotives were not only used for shunting, but were often operated in light service on short lines and branches. In total the class 25 with its 5 subclasses a, b, c, d and e consisted of 42 engines including the purchase of 5 of the Swiss class E 3/3 locomotives (from the Jura-Simplon-Bahn), which was a very similar type. One of the class 25a, No. 227, is preserved at the Norwegian Railway Museum in Hamar.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1076 / SG / Mi 1662 / YT

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