Norwegian Railways in Philately

   BHUTAN: Trains of the World 25.11.1996  

Click to enlargeA class 18a steam locomotive from the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) originally built to serve on the Gjøvik railway that was opened in 1900. Eight of these two-cylinder compound 2'C-2'2' (4-6-0) locomotives were delivered by Hartmann in Chemnitz, Germany, during the years 1900-01. With a 4-axled tender, the length was 15,6 m l.o.b. and they were numbered from 131-138. This class was the first standard locomotive of NSB used in both passenger- as well as goods trains. Until 1919 Hamar Jernstøberi in Norway had delivered a further 27 engines of the classes 18a, 18b and 18c. With a speed of 60 km/h the class 18 locomotives were a very useful type put into service on several lines, among them the famous mountain section of the Bergen railway. One of these, 18c No. 255, is preserved by the Norwegian Railway Club and is located at the railway museum at Garnes near Bergen. Here it is hauling veteran trains during summertime. This stamp is one of six stamps in a minisheet showing locomotives from different countries.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1131c / SG 1113 / Mi 1620 / YT 1119

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