Norwegian Railways in Philately

   DOMINICA: Trains of the World 29.01.1996  

Click to enlargeThis is a stamp with a very similar design to the previous one from Tanzania and it depicts the same steam locomotive, a class XXIX, 1'C1' (2-6-2T) locomotive from the narrow gauge Urskog-Høland railway (U.H.B.). On closer inspection it appears to be No. 7, the last engine provided before the close down of the line in 1960, as it looks after rebuilding and restoring by the railway museum foundation. More accurately this is the only member of the class XXIXb, a 20 tons, 7.99 m l.o.b. engine, built in 1950 by Henschel & Sohn in Germany. In 1952 it got the name "Prydz" after the general manager of the railway, Eigil Prydz. The three XXIX locomotives were recognized as being both economical and easy to drive. After the close down of the railway, No. 7 served for 20 years at the Norwegian Railway Museum in Hamar, until it was returned to U.H.B., where it now can be seen pulling the museum trains. The text "Norway Swedish Jodemans Railway" on the stamp is quite puzzling, because no such railway exists. The stamp is one of nine stamps on a minisheet showing locomotives from different countries.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1838d / SG 2102 / Mi 2125 / YT 1886

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