Norwegian Railways in Philately

   NORWAY: Tourist Stamps 27.04.2007  
Click to enlargeThere are no trains, rolling stock, railway lines or even tracks to be seen on the stamp. But the old gravel road seen on the stamp is called "Rallarvegen" (= The Navvy road). The road was built by hand in the late 19th century as part of the construction of the railway line between Oslo and Bergen. As the name suggests, the "Rallarvegen" dates from the time gangs of navvies used it as a road during the construction of the Bergen railway for the conveyance of men and materials during the building phase of the most mountainous sector of the line. Norwegian State Railways still owns the "Rallarvegen".
Today, it is best known as a bicycle route of rare beauty offering countless natural experiences. The photo on the stamp is taken at Finse at 1222 metres above sea level, which is the location of the navvy museum called "Rallarmuseet". Here you can discover how navvies lived and which tools and aids they had for the construction of the railway. Along the road you can see the old Guard Houses (Railway Heritage Sites) of the line. A stop at Fagernut Guard House is highly recommended. Apart from Norway’s best waffles, coffee and a warm fireplace, Fagernut features an interesting exhibition about the life of the Railway Guard’s life. This railway constructors' road is a cultural and historic monument. From this road you will at all time keep in touch with and see the Bergen railway line which was opened in 1909. You will discover painstakingly detailed work in stone and earth, carried out by a labor force which at its peak comprised 2400 men. You will see line inspectors' houses of high architectural caliber and get an impression of Norway's loftiest place of employment from 1900 to 1964.

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