Norwegian Railways in Philately

   NORWAY: Holidays and leisure 15.04.2005  
Click to enlargeKjosfossen waterfall as seen from the Flåmline Railway platform. At first sight this is just a stamp depicting a waterfall. However, this waterfall is located by the railway line, and in 1951 a tiny “station” with a platform was constructed by the falls just for the purpose to stop the trains and let the tourists take a break to admire and take photos of the waterfall. The only access to the waterfall is by train. A power plant was built at the same location to supply the railway line with electricity. Neither the platform nor the power plant is visible on the stamp. The Flåm Railway Line is one of the most beautiful and most spectacular in the world. The scenery along the 20 km stretch is wild and magnificent. The spiral tunnel, through which the railway climbs in and out of the cliff face, is a daring feat of engineering.

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