Norwegian Railways in Philately

   NORWAY: History of communication 06.06.2008  
Click to enlargeThe Thamshavn Railway, a meter gauge line which was built to transport cuprous pyrites ore from the Løkken Mines to the harbour at Orkanger, opened in 1908 and was Norway's first electric railway. From the beginning the railway was carrying passengers too, and the passenger trains continued until 1963. In 1974 when the Løkken mine production was reorganized, the pyrite ore trains were also put out of traffic. At present the Thamshavn Railway is the world's oldest alternating-current-driven railway. But only museum trains are running, and you travel in carriages that were delivered to the inauguration in 1908. A great deal of the original rolling stock has been preserved. In addition to the passenger wagons, various locomotives have been preserved. On the stamp you can see no. 8 one of two Bo’Bo’ electric locomotives delivered in 1916 from ASEA Sweden, hauling 3 passenger cars.

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