Norwegian Railways in Philately

   NORWAY: Everyday Pictures 09.09.1999  
Click to enlargeThis is one of 8 stamps in a set called "Everyday pictures" and a part of the Millennium stamp program. The stamp is made from a photo taken at the turn of the last century depicting 3 railway labourers at work on the Valdres railway (Valdresbanen). At that time railway construction was mainly done by manpower. The Valdres railway was opened in 1906 and is a branch railway between two small villages, Eina and Fagernes, in the east part of Norway. Ordinary passenger services on the line are now closed down, but special tourist trains are still running during summertime. The original photo is a bit bigger and there you can see that the stones in foreground are on a flatcar. This stamp is also included in a miniature sheet.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1229 / SG / Mi 1322 / YT / NK 1367

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