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   NORWAY: Centenary of Norwegian Railways 30.04.1954  
Click to enlargeHorse and iron horse with flatcar loaded with lumber on "Hovedbanen". An important task for this line was to transport lumber from the inland to the harbour in Christiania. This stamp is also said to show the first locomotive in Norway. In any case this is also one of the 5 first class A, 1B-3 (2-4-0) Stephenson locos on N.H.J. as it looked after an early rebuilding. These machines were intended for both passenger- and goods trains. The original colour was probably dark green on the boiler. The weatherboard seen here was not sufficient in the rough Norwegian climate, so cabs were later built to improve drivers' working conditions. Many stamp catalogues mention this loco with the name "Caroline". This is not correct because "Caroline" was a class 2a, No. 17, from the Kongsvinger railway. Nevertheless she was restored for this centenary celebration, and can now be seen at the Railway Museum in Hamar.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 331 / SG 446 / Mi 384 / YT 349 / NK 419

Click to enlargeDiesel express train class BM 88. These 3-car multiple units were purchased to supplement the aging steam locos on the inter-city services on the Dovre railway (Oslo-Trondheim) and Bergen railway (Oslo-Bergen). Four units were built at Strømmens Værksted (now ABB Strømmen). In fact, although ordered in 1938, due to the war they were not delivered until 1946. With a motor unit in each end (650 h.p.), and a body mainly of aluminium, the top speed was 120 km/h. Equipped with 162 seats, kitchen and luggage compartment, the Dovre- and Bergen-expresses got a modern streamlined train-set serving until autumn 1970. Their last years, however, were mostly on the Røros railway. As a curiosity, the mountains on the stamp are not to be seen from any of these lines, probably recognized as a part of Hurrungane, a mountain mass in Jotunheimen, and 80 km away from any railway track.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 332 / SG 447 / Mi 385 / YT 350 / NK 420

Click to enlargeEngine driver Kristian Alfred Andersen in a steam loco cab. The machine however is not identified. The mountain peak in the background is named "Vidmenosi" and can be seen from the Flåm railway, a famous tourist line in Western Norway. Although the stamp shows the NSB logo together with the years 1854-1954 it is actually the first railway "Hovedbanen" which is commemorated, not NSB. The first state railway in Norway was in fact not opened until 1862.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 333 / SG 448 / Mi 386 / YT 351 / NK 421

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