Norwegian Railways in Philately

   NORWAY: Tercentenary of Postal Service 15.04.1947  
Click to enlargeOpening of the first railway line in Norway between Christiania (Oslo) and Eidsvold was on 1. September, 1854. This line was Norsk Hoved-Jernbane (Norwegian Trunk Railway), also called "Hovedbanen". The construction was supervised by the British engineer Robert Stephenson. The line was 68 km (42 miles) long and had standard gauge 1435 mm (4'8"). Financed partly by British capital, it was in private hands until 1926, when it was taken over by Norwegian State Railways (NSB). This stamp is said to show the first locomotive in Norway. Probably it is not No. 1, but at least one of the 5 first locomotives (class A, No. 1-5), possibly No. 3, which actually was the oldest, here in the original form. All five were delivered by Robert Stephenson, from his factory in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, during 1851-53. These steam locomotives were of "long-boiler" 1B-3 (2-4-0) type, with a six-wheel tender, 45 tons and 13.06 m l.o.b.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 285 / SG 390 / Mi 329 / YT 299 / NK 359

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