Norwegian Railways in Philately

   NORWAY: Local booklet: Sporveien (The Tramway) 2006   

On the front cover there is a copy of an old postcard showing one of the first trams running in the city of Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway. The picture is taken at the main square. You can see The Church of Our Lady (erected in the 12th century) in the background. Nowadays a visit to Trondheim Tramway Museum presents you to the history of the city's two one metre gauge tramway companies, started in 1901 and 1924, with an exhibition of old trams and photos. Inside the cover there are some text and pictures of an old tramway parcels stamp and an old tramway season ticket.
This local booklet was issued in connection with "Norfilex 06" a national stamp exhibition. The booklet contains 5 similar stamps issued in 1994 also depicting an old tram. See this stamp here.
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