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   NORWAY: Centenary of Electric Trams 23.09.1994  
Click to enlargeThe first electric tram in Scandinavia ran through the streets of Christiania (Oslo) in March 1894. Horse trams had been in use since 1875, then a company called Aktieselskapet Christiania Elektriske Sporvei established electric tramways. The horse tram company had to do the same soon after. The first line went from Jernbanetorvet to Majorstuen. The car on the stamp was built the same year by Herbrand-AEG in Berlin. It is No. 1, which is preserved so you can admire it in the Norwegian Technical Museum in Oslo. In the background there is a map from 1880 of the inner city.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1067 / SG 1192 / Mi 1163 / YT 1120 / NK 1212

Click to enlargeThis modern tram is a S79, a 22,4 m long articulated type, belonging to the municipally owned Oslo Sporveier, nowadays the only tramway company in Oslo. During the eighties, 40 of these were delivered from EB Strømmen Verksted AS (now a branch of ABB). They were produced in cooperation with German enterprises. The first ten were built by Duewag-AEG, the last thirty being made in Strømmen, Norway. The S79 cars, Nos. 101-140, have names after cities abroad. The class is divided in two groups, S79I and S79II. The tram on the stamp is No. 131, a S79II commissioned in 1990 and named "Sacramento", here on line 11 to Kjelsås. Also here we can see a map of Oslo in the background, a blue line indicating tram-routes and several tram-stops.

Catalogue Nos.: Sc 1068 / SG 1193 / Mi 1164 / YT 1121 / NK 1213

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