Norwegian Railways in Philately

   NORWAY: Nordic Countries - Sister towns 27.05.1986  
Click to enlargePaper, pulp and wood-processing industries have always been an important part of the economic life in Norway during the last centuries. This stamp depicts a scene with a paper pulp mill in Moss, an industrial town located at the east side of the Oslofjord. The track of the Østfold railway's western line passes in front of the factory. On the stamp we can see the embankment. The line is one of the main railways in Norway, starting in Oslo and leading southwards to Sweden. It was opened as a standard gauge line in the year 1879, but in the first period was called "Smaalensbanen". On the right, just outside the stamp, a steel bridge takes the railway across the Moss River, before it continues through the town. Today suburban, IC and express trains make this the busiest single track section in Norway.

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